Rural Internet just got Faster Delivering Speeds up to 170Mb/sec
Installation from only £39 (With BDUK code - Limited time only)
We already have 2 sites across Scotland. (With more to come in 2018)
Pricing from £30/month and Unlimited Data on our £50/month plan
Bringing Fast Internet to Scotland from Glasgow

Welcome to UltraNetworks

Our Fast Wireless Internet for Rural areas is NOW LIVE.

Much Faster than Satellite and without the High Latency = Fibre Performance Wirelessly

Bringing High Speed Wireless Internet to Rural Areas, Homes & Businesses which have been missed out or left out by the Bigger Telecoms Companies.

Our Service is Ideal for Rural Areas, New Build Estates and other EO Line areas where Virgin Media is Unavailable and BT/Openreach have only installed Standard Copper Wire Services. We will be providing over 600 square Kilometers of Rural Countryside coverage in 2017

By Signing up you let us know that there is demand for our service in your area.

We are able to provide High Speed Internet service to these areas and have the technology to provide speeds from 25Mb-100Mb/sec to any non-fibre area.

Areas where Broadband speed is Below 2Mb/sec still exist and are below the Goverment's Target for 2016 and by 2020 Everyone should have at least 10Mb/sec.

We are a BDUK approved supplier and can now offer low cost (£39) connection to any home qualifying for the scheme.

So If you are Interested, We Can Help!

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