Rural Internet just got Faster Delivering Speeds up to 170Mb/sec
Installation from only £39 (With BDUK code - Limited time only)
We already have 2 sites across Scotland. (With more to come in 2018)
Pricing from £30/month and Unlimited Data on our £50/month plan
Bringing Fast Internet to Scotland from Glasgow


UltraNetworks are an Approved Supplier under the Better Broadband Scheme supported by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK)

Any household or business who cannot access an affordable basic broadband service with a download speed of at least 2 Mb per second is eligible for the scheme. Exceptions to this will be where an alternative solution is to be available within 12 months that will increase the speeds available.

Am I eligible?

First a customer should check that a premises is unable access superfast broadband (speeds of more than 24Mbps) at www.gov.uk/gosuperfast. If the premise is not listed as benefitting from the roll out of superfast broadband use the BT checker to find out what current broadband speed is at www.dslchecker.bt.com

• If the speed checker identifies that the premise already benefits from speeds greater than 2Mbps then it is NOT eligible for a subsidy.

• If the speed checker identifies that the broadband speed is under 2 Mb per second then it might be eligible for a subsidy.

• If there are no plans to bring superfast broadband to the home or business within the next 9 months and current speed is confirmed as less than 2Mb per second it will be eligible.

The application

A customer can apply by entering their post code and completing a simple online application form

Alternatively, customers may access the application form using the website of their local body broadband project.