Rural Internet just got Faster Delivering Speeds up to 170Mb/sec
Installation from only £39 (With BDUK code - Limited time only)
We already have 2 sites across Scotland. (With more to come in 2018)
Pricing from £30/month and Unlimited Data on our £50/month plan
Bringing Fast Internet to Scotland from Glasgow


Our North East AB42/AB43 coverage is now live and will increase into next year

Our Coverage Maps show Areas we can cover but please bear in mind we cannot account for local obstructions like other buildings, trees and small hills which may block the signal to your property. All installations are subject to a site survey but we will do what we can to get you connected.
We can currently only connect customers within 12km of our transmitter site and will review this distance over time.

Our Coverage is aimed at Rural and Exchange Only (EO) Lines but even in Towns and the City there are often still areas without Fibre

If we currently don't show any coverage in your area then Register your interest here and we will see what we can do!

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