Rural Internet just got Faster Delivering Speeds up to 170Mb/sec
Installation from only £39 (With BDUK code - Limited time only)
We already have 2 sites across Scotland. (With more to come in 2018)
Pricing from £30/month and Unlimited Data on our £50/month plan
Bringing Fast Internet to Scotland from Glasgow



Wireless Rural Internet
(Fixed Wireless Access)

We are a BDUK approved supplier and can now offer low cost (£39) connection to any home qualifying for the scheme.
(Applies to Homes with speeds less than 2Mb)


We have spent a lot of time trying to find areas all over Scotland in need of better Internet. This has involved reaching out to communities and people and finding out first hand as talking to people can tell us more than any map or speed check. We have gathered data over the last (exactly) 6 months to help plan where we can make the most impact and in what order.

During this time we have been carrying out site surveys and planning masts and links in various locations.

We aim to beat typical BT speeds even in Fibre areas, so soon a person living in rural countryside will have the same speeds as someone with Fibre in a Town or City. (Faster if you want!!)

Our network has the capacity to handle large numbers of users without the performance suffering and be capable of delivering much faster speeds than most Wireless ISPs which typically deliver 8-30Mb. Not to mention we will be one of the only Wireless ISPs offering an Unlimited Data Plan.

We will post more updates on our Facebook page and don't be afraid to message us, we get back to everyone!

Thank you for all the registrations so far. Registering is helping us plan and prioritize our Network Roll Out to your area.
Please tell your neighbours about UltraNetworks and encourage them to register. Using the registrations we can lobby local council for expedited planning and hopefully bring you our services sooner.

We now have an updated INFO Section which should help answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also drop us a message on Facebook and we will be happy to talk to you. facebook.com/ultranetworks.co.uk

We are now accepting registrations for all of Scotland. If you are in an Area that is a Fibre Blackspot Please Fill out are Registration form to submit your Interest and we will get back to you as soon as possible - Register Your Interest Here