Rural Internet just got Faster Delivering Speeds up to 170Mb/sec
Installation from only £39 (With BDUK code - Limited time only)
We already have 2 sites across Scotland. (With more to come in 2018)
Pricing from £30/month and Unlimited Data on our £50/month plan
Bringing Fast Internet to Scotland from Glasgow


UltraNetworks Offer Customers the Following Wireless Broadband Packages

There is no line rental charged with our service only the flat monthly fee for the package you sign up to. All prices shown include VAT@20%


At UltraNetworks we offer several packages to suit your needs.

Ultra 25 = 100GB/month
(Light Usage - Not Recommended for families with games consoles )

Ultra 50 = 300GB/month
(Should suit most users - Average use is typically 5-10GB/day

Ultra Max = Unlimited Data usage*

We do operate a Fair/Acceptable use policy which is in place to make sure no single user affects the network performance in a way that impacts the service to others.

What sort of Speeds can you Expect? Anything from a minimum of 25Mb up to well over 100Mb. (Unlike traditional broadband which decreases the further you are from a cabinet) Peak time speeds will depend on overall useage in your immediate area.

Setup Fee £39 with BDUK voucher code or £299 without code

Setup costs consist of providing customers with a Wireless Internet Dish, a Dual Band AC Router, installation Labour including brackets and up to 10 metres of cabling.
It is the Government who provide the connection discount for those who qualify (currently having speeds 2Mb or under)

UltraNetworks are an Approved Supplier under the Better Broadband Scheme supported by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK)

Subsidies and Grant funding may be available for qualifying areas (receiving speeds less than 2Mb/sec) which may allow for free connection. (If you receive more than 2 Mb/sec other discounts may be available if you still receive less than 10Mb/sec)